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Injector section

This particular component being a forging, shows all aspects of BEC ability in turning, milling and drilling. As you can see, to produce this part to drawing SPECIFICATION you have to START RIGHT to FINISH RIGHT.

The first step was to machine the stator bore end with M25 thread with a turned diameters held to 0.02mm, this entailed profile machining jaws for one our TMC15 TURNING CENTRES to hold as accurately on the forging as possible.

This then gave a datum position. We then held on this diameter to machine the two flats using our AJAX BROTHER milling centre, this in turn then gave datum position and a good strong work holding point we then machined cone end and thread this completed turning operations.

We then manufactured special drilling fixtures to machine edge filter hole 4.0 mm DIA -0.00/ +0.012  at 6 DEG this in turn met up with the feed hole 1.8 dia at 67 mm deep this also produced dowel location holes. 

Then all other bores had to be profile milled using our VMC1000 milling centre as they were not concentric to outside diameters or on the same centres as each other.

Parts were protected on all operations ready for despatch to Delphi Saltilo Mexico.


We are proud to say that these were the first prototype for new Chrysler Daimler diesel engine


Heat Sink
BT Cabinet Lock made by BEC

This part really is a moulded part but our customer only required a small batch quantity so BEC was the answer. We purchased an oversized billet which was profile machined, leaving the part as an island. We then profiled a set of jaws and held the island, allowing us to machine stock material away, leaving the part as pictured. With the required software and machinery at our fingertips, this part was quick to produce, accurate and cost affective for our customer.

This heat sink was a very interesting and complicated part to machine. Heat sinks are required to fit perfectly over very complicated circuit boards and processors and various other electronic devices to help prevent overheating. This particular part took many lines of very complicated programming. It was produced from a tanged ally extrusion. We then used our Bridgeport VMC 1000 to mill the islands and pockets, then drill and taped the holes.

This Part shows BECís versatility to produce the complete package.

This is a lock used by BT on their road side terminal housings. We machine the housing, the lock pillar and the large brass nut. We then buy the other components and construct the finished product, this reduces time and costs for the customer. materials used on this are brass,st st 303 s31,st st 304, moulded block, nylon washers, o rings, nylocs. sprung steel and plating process

 The housing takes just 4 operations to machine, as does the pillar, the nut takes just 1.

Roadside Lock for BT Cabinets - by BEC
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