Wine/Champagne Cooler

Hardinge and Nakamura to BSA and Herbert, BEC has selected a wide range of CNC and conventional turning centers to meet the vast range of needs from our customers.


Laird Security are one of BECís regular customers. On a daily basis they test our capability to react to demand shocks, regularly requiring us to double, triple or even quadruple our output to meet their demand. Because BEC is customer focused and our engineers pride themselves on the high quality service they provide, we endeavour to always meet deadlines, so that our customers can meet their demand.


The images to the left show some of the components produced on the Auto lathes. By making our own cams for these machines we can reduce your costs on large regular orders. They are incredibly efficient. The aluminum B-stud to the left has a cycle time of less than 10 seconds, (formed, threaded and slotted). We monitor the accuracy of all of the lathes that we run regularly, however we very rarely find change. Proving that these are a valuable asset in our workshop.


The Hardinge Super-Precision QUEST GT CNC Lathe combines high performance with high productivity. The continued high accuracy and low cycle time of the Hardinge, combined with the ease of programming, makes it a key machine for high precision lean manufacturing.

In this picture the hardinge is seen turning a simple rivet. The combination of a fast cycle time, multi bar feeder, and high quality tooling allows us run the machine all day with interruption only to check accuracy.


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